What are the Weird Coincidences and Psychic Events Associated With Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln Coincidences and Strange Events

Abraham Lincoln's life and death (and even his afterlife) have always been linked to strange coincidences and paranormal events: Lincoln's career and assassination are said to be somehow cosmically connected to that of John F. Kennedy, and a number of spooky coincidences have been noted between their personal lives and political careers. The President is reported to have had premonitions of his assassination, in the form of vivid dreams just before he was killed. And Lincoln's Ghost is said to haunt the White House as well as several other locations associated with the President. His apparition has been reportedly been seen by dozens of people including other presidents and world leaders.

So what is going on here? Is Lincoln at the center of some paranormal vortex which infused both his life and death with otherworldly strangeness? Let's examine each of these claims separately. This section covers:

Coincidences Between Lincoln and Kennedy

Were the lives of Lincoln and Kennedy bound together by an inexplicable cosmic link? Various lists circulating on the internet claim to find strange similarities between dates and people associated with these two Presidents.

Lincoln's Dream

Did Lincoln Predict His Own Death? Various contemporary accounts say that Lincoln knew he was going to be assassinated.

Lincoln's Ghost

Does the ghost of Abraham Lincoln haunt the White House? Spectral apparitions to weird sounds have been witnessed by many.

The Hand of Destiny

What bizarre role did Lincoln's son play in the death of his father, as well as several other presidents? Robert Todd Lincoln was suspiciously involved in many key events. Merely coincidence or a supernatural hand at work?