TimeLine 1836 to 1840

Lincoln Chronology

Henry Clay


Abraham Lincoln begins courting Mary Owens, who later rejects him.

Abraham Lincoln was re-elected to the legislature. He becomes leader of a group of politicians called the "Long Nine" who advocated the transfer of the Illinois capital to Springfield. The name of the group referred to the fact that the members were all very tall.

Lincoln supported a policy of internal improvement leading to the establishment of banks, dams, and roads.

In an early indication of the position that he would take during the Civil War, Lincoln protested against speeches condemning the abolitionist movement.

Lincoln was admitted to the Bar and became a lawyer.


Lincoln formed a law partnership with John T. Stuart, in Springfield, Illinois, the new capital.


Abraham Lincoln is re-elected to the legislature, and runs unsuccessfully as minority candidate for the position of Speaker.


Candidate as presidential elector (to the electoral college) for President on the Whig ticket. Lincoln campaigned on behalf of Harrison, the Whig party candidate for president. Had encounters with Stephen Douglas.

Again re-elected to the legislature, and once again ran for Speaker of the legislature.

Lincoln and Stephen Douglas both begin courting Mary Todd. Mary Todd and Lincoln are engaged, but she later breaks her engagement to Lincoln, sending him into another depression. Lincoln is visited by his friend

Lincoln is challenged to a duel by a fellow lawmaker, democratic member of the legislature James T. Shields. The two men were able to resolve their differences on the eve of the duel and the fight was avoided.

Formed a new law partnership with Judge Stephen T. Logan.

Lincoln is asked to run for Governor but declines.

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